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The energy that is developed by using wind as a potential resource is known as wind energy. The movement of air occurs as a result of difference in the atmospheric pressure which is again the result of regional variation in the temperature at a given period of time. Land and sea have different heating and cooling systems so during the day land gets heated at a faster rate than the water which results in the air over the land having a higher temperature. At the same time the temperature over sea is quite lower which results in the air over the sea moving at a faster rate towards the land. This wind energy can be optimally for many useful purposes.

The coastal areas and the remote hill regions having potential wind energy are selected for placing windmills, to generate electricity. This electricity can be used for suppling power to remote areas and villages. It has the following advantages and disadvantages.


It can be easily harnessed as compared to other energy resources.

It is available free of cost.

It is Eco-friendly as it does not contribute in creating any forms of pollution.

It can be easily obtained in the hilly as well as remote areas.

The cost of installation and recurring costs are quite affordable.


The generation of energy depends on the wind velocity which indicates that it will not be available regularly and so is unreliable.

It needs some battery backup to store the energy which increases the production cost.

This energy can be used only for small locality and not for large urban areas.