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Having just produced your first batch of biodiesel using the World Famous Dr Pepper Technique (Pat Pend) this is an easy nearly foolproof method of washing it.

This is a simple nearly foolproof method for washing small test batches of biodiesel and I have often washed a sample of biodiesel in less than an hour using this method.

Be aware that Unwashed biodiesel contains soap. If you aggitate your first few washes hard/violently, there is a real likelyhood that the water, soap, and biodiesel will form an emulsion that may take days or weeks to seperate.

The three important steps in washing are GENTLY GENTLY GENTLY to begin with.


Wash One:
Pour 1 litre biodiesel into a 2 litre Dr Pepper bottle.
Gently pour about 500ml body temp water into bottle.
Replace non leaky top.
GENTLY rotate bottle end for end for about 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds place bottle upright.
If you have been GENTLE the water and Biodiesel will seperate immediatly.
You will notice the water is not clear.
Remove top and using your thumb as a stopper, turn bottle upsidedown and drain the water using your thumb as a valve.
You have finished wash one.

Wash Two:
Pour in another 500ml water and repeat wash one, except rotate GENTLY for about 1 minute.
Drain as in wash one.
You have finished wash 2.

Wash Three:
Again pour in another 500ml water and GENTLY GENTLY GENTLY shake bottle for a minute or so.
When water and biodiesel seperate discard water in same fashion as before.

Wash Four:
Another 500ml water and a bit more aggitation for about 1 min.
After seperation of water and biodiesel Drain as above.

Wash Five:
You should now be able shake fairly vigerously.

Testing For Completion
Washing is finished when after shaking, water is nearly clear.
Be aware that in your later washes you should be able to shake violently.
The water and oil will take longer to seperate because the water forms tiny bubles in the biodiesel that take time to settle out.

Washed biodiesel is VERY CLOUDY, much lighter in colour than the origional biodiesel and looks terrible. After a day or 2 settling and drying it will clear.

Remember, after you have produced in excess of 53,487 litres of biodiesel in any calander year, using the World Famous Dr Pepper Technique (Pat Pend) Royalties are due.

Make cheques out to Tilly From Paradise and send to me through your favourite Numbered Swiss Bank Account.