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What Is a Tradeline?


Tradeline is the word used by credit reporting agencies for credit accounts listed on a credit report. For each credit account a person or company has, there is a unique tradeline that contains information about the debt and the creditor.


For those in need of a credit score boost or for improved credit history, buying tradelines may be a beneficial tactic. Lenders use credit scores to determine how worthy a borrower is of their business, and can make or break a credit application. There are specialized companies that make it easy for individuals or companies to know where to find aged personal tradelines that they are able to buy on sale for good prices.


For a business, a common tradeline is an account with a vendor. That account, for example, has terms that give the business 90 days to pay the bill (net-90-day terms). If the vendor reports information to a credit reporting agency, a tradeline is created.


It is essential for a company to have several tradelines on their credit report or as part of their credit history because it provides a snapshot of how the business will pay in the future. Vendors and other businesses are far more likely to work with or partner with a company that has a good credit history than one that has no history at all.


How Tradelines Help the Biodiesel Community


The biodiesel community, just like most other industries across the globe, is made up of large corporations, small businesses, and everything in between. There is plenty of competition, to the point that vendors can pick and choose who they want to lend their services to, and other businesses are particularly selective about which businesses to partner with. Among all the competition, every little detail matters, especially one’s credit history.


As a business, no matter whether you are small or large, it’s essential to stand out among your competition. You can give your company a good head start by purchasing aged personal tradelines to show vendors and other businesses that you are worth working with. Don’t let poor or nonexistent credit history hold you back from advancing in the competitive biodiesel community.


You can take steps today to move your business in the right direction, with very little actual effort required on your part.