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With the atmospheric pollution rising day by day, we are badly in need of a relief from this polluted environment. Harmful gases released from vehicles are regarded as one of the important causes of air pollution. This can be greatly curbed to some extend by using environmentally friendly cars. Those cars can reduce the pollution to some extent by not allowing the harmful gases to be released into the environment. Even the materials used in manufacturing these cars are eco-friendly. They are mostly powered by alternative energy resources such as hydrogen, natural gas or electric batteries that emit less polluted gases.

However, with the invention of biodiesel most of the green vehicles are nowadays powered using it. Most of the chemically prepared fuels are now being replaced by biodiesel for fueling environmentally friendly vehicles. Green vehicles also consume less energy while offering high efficiency as compared to normal vehicles. Environmentally friendly cars may also be classified into various types such as Cell powered cars, Hybrid electric cars and compressed air cars.

Solar powered Cars

From the above mentioned ones Hybrid electric powered vehicles are most widely used as it offers higher efficiency as compared to others. Even solar powered vehicles are being developed wherein solar panels will be placed on the roof of cars to harness solar energy. This solar powered cars will totally eliminate the use of non-renewable energy resources for fueling purposes.

Some of the most popular environmentally friendly cars in the market are Chevrolet Volt, Audi A3 TDI, Ford focus electric, Nissan Leaf and VW Jetta TDI. The only limitation of these environmentally friendly cars is that they have some speed limitations. But, again this will be beneficiary when it comes to reducing the number of road accidents.