The Green Party of United States is actually a political party in US who focuses on activities that will help improve the quality of the environment. Currently US has two green parties among which Green party of United states(GPUS) is the most popular and prominent one. However, it should be noted that both the parties had a common origin. Environment development is one of the main objectives of GPUS that distinguishes it from other political parties all over the world. Apart from this, their other objectives include maintaining social justice, peace, non-violence, respect for diversity and ecological wisdom.

Due to its unique objective GPUS has got a huge number of supporters and followers from every corner of the world. Also, Green party of the US provides a good platform for youngsters who are interested in working for the development of the environment. GPUS has conducted numerous activities for the development of the environment which include afforestation and preventing deforestation and environmental pollution. Another important unique quality to be mentioned about GPUS is that they never accept donations from corporations which evidently shows that they are not one among the corrupted group of politicians.

Success of the GPUS

GPUS has been successful as a Global party by sharing out the message of saving our precious environment. In fact they are the only party around the globe who have been successful in making people realize the importance of protecting our environment. GPUS is presently governed by a central governing body known as “ The Green National Committee” (GNC). GNC is responsible for organizing and managing all the national party functions and appoints a steering committee to look in to day-to-day functions.