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This article is a collection of different Appleseed processors and equipment by a number of people.  If you would like to see yours added to this gallery you can tell us here.  In the future we hope to install software that allows you to add your own.  These are not in any particular order.  Each has some unique variations the builder added, however they are all fundamentally Appleseed processors.


JP11 built this appleseed and posted his pictures on infopop 

TDISteve posted these two photos of his appleseed with two stand pipe wash tanks onveggieavenger in July 2004 

Mark from Boston built this Appleseed from the plans in the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

From dprobe’s posting on veggieavenger
Talk about compact!

Bill Levitt’s processor pictured above (from the ‘events’ section, in the Pasadena Maryland class thread ). note the solid pump return line 

This is guzzler’s first processor from veggieavenger
with a reflux condenser. Sweet!

This one is by CHEMVW from veggieavenger
hey! blue carboys.


Luc’s Processors from veggieavenger, did I see this one somewhere else?

This one Jack posted here see more on his web site.

Mac has his posted on his website


Norman posted his on biodieselbasics yahoo group.

See more of Graydon’s original creation at

See more of Hoon’s system on his website.

See more of this processor at The Higer Pie

See more at BlackKnight’s Biodiesel Gallery

The folks at helped build this processor at Lost Valley Educational Center near Eugene, OR.

Here is another of Graydon’s creations fromUtahBiodieselSupply

These two were provided by Steve (yes that’s Steve); find out more at  These represent the simplest possible design for the Appleseed.

Brad and Joe in Rochester,
NY put this Appleseed together, see more at their web site.